GreenLight Mobile, LLC was formed in October 2007 by Mr. James (Jim) Rogers and Mr. Christopher (Chris) Klein.  The two partners began their business relationship with the formation of GreenLight PCS, LLC(Metro PCS Authorized Dealer) in October 2005 and GreenLight Wireless, LLC(Cricket Wireless Authorized Dealer) in April 2006.  GreenLight PCS, LLC and GreenLight Wireless, LLC was formed with Rogers, Klein and two other partners.


    GreenLight Wireless, LLC lauched the San Antonio market in May 2006 with Cricket Wireless and expanded with the launch of Cricket Wireless in Houston in June 2006.  As the market for no contract service grew the company opened additional locations in Austin in July 2007.  GreenLight Wireless launched Oklahoma City in March 2008.   Over the years GreenLight Mobile has stratigically opened addition locations across the south and southeastern states.


   In 2008-09 Klein and Rogers purchased GreenLight PCS, LLC and GreenLight Wireless, LLC.  In July 2011, GreenLight PCS, LLC and GreenLight Wireless, LLC  merged the companies to form one company, GreenLight Mobile, LLC.


    Today GreenLight Mobile is one of the largest partners for Cricket Wireless, the premier No Contract Wireless provider.  GreenLight Mobile operates several Cricket Stores in San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Laredo, Savannah, Hilton Head Island, Charlotte and Charleston(SC).  GreenLight Mobile is stratigic growth partner for Cricket Wireless currently operating 40 locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic, South and Mid-West.